Credit with lightning transfer.


Sometimes it is necessary to pay with cash for a purchase with particularly favorable conditions, so that the time-consuming processing of a loan can not wait. Or a new car is needed to make the trips back to work.

A loan with lightning transfer is suitable for cases in which investments must be made quickly. The credit offers the advantage that the desired amount of money is available within a very short period of time.

The processing times for such a quick loan are significantly reduced and by the flash transfer, the required amount can be transferred to the account of the borrower on the same day. For the lightning transfer is often charged a fee, which is about 19 USD.

The special conditions of the quick loan

The special conditions of the quick loan

Most banks offer potential loan sums of between $ 1,000 and $ 50,000, which are good for buying a car, business equipment or other investment purposes. Sometimes higher sums up to 250,000 USD are possible, so that even larger purchases can be made quickly. The duration of the processing up to the disbursement depends on the credit institute between 48 hours and 7 working days.

The interest conditions for the loan with lightning transfer are very different, which is why a comparison of the offers can be basically worthwhile. The cheapest interest rates start at about 2.2 percent and reach up to a maximum of 21.7 percent.

Some banks also offer interest rates that are completely independent of the applicant’s creditworthiness and are around 5.9 percent. Since the amount of the loan amount and the repayment agreements have an impact on the interest rate, you should be informed about the possibilities to select a suitable loan offer.

Applying for a loan with a quick payout

Applying for a loan with a quick payout

For the loan with lightning transfer a number of documents are required, which are required by the bank for the granting of the credit. This includes the provision of personal data, valid identity documents and proof of income. In addition, an account must exist with a bank to which the loan amount can be transferred.

If the applicant has home savings contracts, own real estate or other assets, these can be given as collateral. If the money is needed only for a short period of time and in a low sum, a checking account with a favorable overdraft can also be a sensible alternative.

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